No orders are shipped before payment is received. The following ways of payment are accepted;

* Bank transfer
Transaction to my bank account is free inside the EU. If you live outside the EU, check with your bank first. Remember that all fees should be payed by you.

* Swish
Mobile phone based transaction to bank account inside Sweden.

* Paypal (
A 5% fee which is added to total.

* Cash
SEK, EUR, USD, DKK and GBP are accepted currencies. I do not accept foreign checks since my bank charges huge sums to cash these.

I live in Staffanstorp, outside the swedish towns of Malmö and Lund. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, just mail me and you can pick up the order here.
Since my loved one is located in Stockholm I tend to be there quite often too. Pickups on Södermalm is therefor also possible.

Swedish orders are shipped by Postens "B-post" (2-3 days) or Schenker Parcel. International orders are shipped by airmail (2 days-3 weeks depending on location). I normally ship three times per week.

Shipping costs in relation to weight:

0,25 kilo 50 SEK (Sweden) 8 EUR (World)
0,5 kilo 75 SEK (Sweden) 11 EUR (World)
1 kilo 75 SEK (Sweden) 17 EUR (World)
2 kilos 125 SEK (Sweden) 22 EUR (World)

Additional insurance (registration) is 100 SEK. Recommended to some countries - ask if have any questions.

CD's are usually shipped without the jewel box (unless this is a specially designed box etc) because these have a tendency to break and also adds a lot to weight. If you want the jewel box or even extra spare boxes for free, just tell me and I'll add them to your stuff for free (do calculate for the increase in weight though!).

All records are sent in boxes or between two sheets of stiff cardboard and no cost is charged for packing material. Sometimes padded envelopes are used for for example multiple CD's or vinyl singles but always with a sturdy piece of cardboard along with them.

If you live outside the EU and have questions regarding customs - don't hesitate to contact me. Please always contact me before getting desperate about a non-arriving parcel.

This far, Electronic Obsession has successfully delivered to the following countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Poland, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, Monaco, Vietnam, China, Luxemburg, Portugal, Hong Kong, Latvia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Uruguay, San Marino, Venezuela, Malta and Malaysia.

electronically yours, jesper