say what?

Short forms:
bpm - Beats Per Minute, the speed of the song...
cutout - small holes or cuts in sleeves, a way of marking records on sale etc.
labelsleeve - original record company sleeves marked with the labels logo etc.
ps - Picture Sleeve, the original picture sleeve as it was released...
ringwear - the circular markings on papercovers that comes from too tight storing in carts or on shelves without plastic covers.
toc - Tape On Cover, stickers, price tags and similar on the cover.
tol - Tape On Label, stickers, bpm labels and similar on the label(s).
woc - Writing On Cover, names, bpm markings etc on the sleeve.
wol - Writing On Label, names, bpm markings etc on the label(s).

Record formats;
7", 9", 10", 12", 2x7", 2x12" etc - the different diameters (in inches) of vinyl singles. 7" is normally a two-track single and 12" is usually a 2-6 track maxisingle with remixes or tracks not on any album.
CDM - Compact Disc Maxisingle - 3-12 tracks, often containing remixes.
EP - Extended Play, is the "old" format which is a 7" single, usually containing 4 tracks but sometimes just 3 and sometimes 5 or more.
F7" - Flexidisc, often used as freebies (free singles) with music magazines.
MCD - Mini Compact Disc - a CD album which hasn't got a full set of songs. Maybe just 6-8 tracks or a total length of 30 minutes or so.
P7", P12", PLP etc - Picturediscs in different formats.
SPD - Shaped Picture Disc, a single or maxisingle which isn't just a picture disc but also has a weird shape (i e not circular).
Ask if you have further inquires about formats etc.

arg - Argentina
aus - Australia
bel - Belgium
bra - Brazil
can - Canada
cze - Czech republic (and czechoslovakia)
ddr - Eastern Germany (before the wall fell)
den - Denmark
fin - Finland
fra - France
ger - Germany (West Germany before the wall fell)
gre - Greece
hun - Hungery
irl - Irland
isr - Israel
ita - Italy
jap - Japan
mex - Mexico
nl - Netherlands
nor - Norway
nz - New Zealand
ost - Austria (old habit in the business)
pol - Poland
por - Portugal
rom - Romania
rus - Russia (and Soviet)
sch - Schweiz
slo - Slovenia
spa - Spain
swe - Sweden
uk - United Kingdom
us - United States
yug - Yugoslavia

The official (british) Record Collector grading system;
b - Bad, noone wants a record in this condition (unless it's so rare you could sell your mother for it), it doesn't play properly and the cover is missing or badly deformed...
p - barely playable, cover in crappy condition.
f - record plays OK but with a lot of noise, cover is also OK but definitely not nice.
g - the worst condition in a normal collection, surface noise due to a lot of playing at parties etc and a cover that may have bent edges, wear markings etc.
vg - a normally used record, without bad hiss or crackle and a cover in normal condition.
ex - a record in almost new condition, seldom played and with a cover that has been well taken cared of.
m - vinyl as it was when it left the factory, sleeve as it could be seen in the shops.

I hope I made sense - if not, do mail your wishes and I'll try to be clearer as I update this page.

electronically yours, jesper