help and information

How to find a specific artist:
A record only appear under one category. To make browsing for collectors easier I've decided to group some artists under other artists. For example; You find Chris & Cosey under Throbbing Gristle, I Start Counting under Komputer and Recoil under Depeche Mode. The main rule is that these "smaller" or at least less known artists are grouped with the better known ones.

Records with various artists are found under "Various" or under one of the participating artists. Use the search function if you're looking for something special.

Definite forms and names:
All "the", "die", "la" etc in artists name are placed at the end and therefor you find "die Form" under "Form, die" and "the Cure" under "Cure, the". Solo artists are placed under their last name and you find "John Foxx" under "Foxx, John". Some artists which during the years have grown to a group or the other way around are sorted under what seemed logical to me; for example "Hubert Kah" is placed under "Hubert Kah" and not "Kah, Hubert" since "Kah" isn't his last name and that in the late 80's Hubert Kah was more of a trio than one artist.

Electronic Obsession sell 95% second hand records, both when it comes to vinyl and CD's. I aim to give accurate descriptions of the condition of sleeve and record. I use the Record Collector's grading system with the sleeve mentioned first, then the record. Most records are in condition vg+ or better. More on the Record Collector grading system can be found under "Say What?"

Further questions:
If you have question regarding a specific record you are always welcome to mail me and if you decide to do so, please include the catalogue number of that particular record so I have a fair chance at responding quickly to your inquiry.

How to order:
Browse the list and click "buy" on the items you fancy. You can always regret this later and this does not mean that you have made a final reservation. The items are added to your shopping cart at the bottom of the page.
When you're happy with your choices or want to edit your pick you can view your selection under "checkout". From that page you can add if you want multiple copies or want to remove a record you realized you had. Press "update shoppingcart" if you make such alterations.
When everything looks OK you click "continue" to get to the next phase of checkout. Here you find an address page. Fill out all fields. Only those marked with a star are optional.
When you´re finished click "continue". Now you're taken to the last page. It sums up your order and also gives you an order number. Keep this for future reference of if you want to ask anything about your order.

Read more under "shipping".

And last but not least - please, please, please do not go through the checkout process unless you plan to go through with your payment. This just create extra work and bad vibes. Thank you!

electronically yours, jesper