about Electronic Obsession

Electronic Obsession is also the story of myself and my record collection. I started collecting records in 1988 after getting seriously Kraftwerkified and Depeche Modished. I was one among those real collector geeks who couldn't get enough with just one copy of "Music For The Masses". I remember owning six or seven different.
I soon realized a few things. I had broader taste than this which meant I wanted to buy other things. I understood that getting a complete DM collection was a hard target to aim at (has anyone made it?). I somehow thought this pressing-fetischism to be slightly stupid. All this led up to me selling off parts of my collection with start the autumn of 1993. I think it included 50 or 60 records and went out to ten or fifteen people.
Soon I was offered trades etc and to make a long history short Electronic Obsession soon grew beyond just clearing out stuff I didn't need. Those original 50 records are today more than 4000. My own collection has grown in a similar fashion... ;)
Electronic Obsession is run as a hobby and therefor it's also dependable on professional and personal life. I try to answer questions and serve orders as quick as I can but I hope for your understanding nevertheless!
There is no physical shop and all the records are housed on shelves in my house. All records are stocked after their order number so please don't think I easily can dig up all records by one artist and describing them etc.
Since it's birth in '93 Electronic Obsession has existed as a printed list and since '97 also as an e-mail list. Since 2003 no printed lists has been sent but you can always subscribe to the newsletter which will inform about site updates, stock updates and other important news once in a while (mostly on yearly basis these days).

electronically yours, jesper